jacob baker


was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia in 1964. He works primarily with stained glass, stone, and wood to form sculptural pieces that include light sources from within, typically a candle such as a tea light or votive. Aside from his experience as an architecture student, Jacob is a self-taught artist influenced by his intuitive design sense and having grown up along the Atlantic Ocean. His current work explores ideas inspired by the shorelines from which he collects many of his art materials. There is constant motion at the meeting of water, land, and air, each engaging the other in timeless patterns of creation and deconstruction. Jacob’s distinctive sculptural pieces reflect the beauty of this geographic nexus, a place settled in stoic calm yet oft racked by utter turmoil, a place sought out by many as a retreat from their daily battles because, it is after all, the place where everything of this world comes together,

at the edges.


Boars Head Lighthouse on the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Fancy Cove shingle beach on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

The beach and lodge at White Point, Nova Scotia

Stormy day for the village of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggys Cove lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Lake Superior driftwood on Ionas Beach, Minnesota.

The Superior Entry Light at the mouth of Duluth Harbour, Minnisota.



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